Children's Program

A high quality dance program that offers classes for beginner dancers whose interests lie in developing a love for dance in a positive and fun environment. Also, a wonderful form of exercise, strength building, music appreciation, confidence building, self respect, repect for the instructors and so much more!

Dance Techniques

Creative Dance - Recommended for ages 2 ½ — 3 ½ years of age

An introduction to dance through the use of movement and music.

Ballet/ Acro/ Tap Level I - Recommended for ages 3  - 4 years of age

A one hour class that intoduces the dancer to the three different diciplines of Ballet, Tap and Acro. 

Ballet/ Acro/ Tap Level II - Recommended for ages 4- 5 years of age

A 1 1/4 hour class that begins to develop the young dancer understanding tof the three different diciplines of Ballet, Tap and Acro

Ballet/ Acro/ Tap Level III - Recommended for ages 5- 6 years of age

An 1 1/2 hour class that enhances and prepares the young dancer with the technical basics to be fully prepared for their tranistion into the Intoduction to Fundamenls curriculum.  The curriculum offered includes the ABT Ballet Curriculum, as well as technical aspects of tap and increased Acro skills.

All students must meet the age requirement by September 1st in order to be placed in the appropriate class.  VDC holds the right to evaluate and assess individual students and place them accodingly in order to optimize their level of training.